Fostering Joy is a family advocate ministry that assists families and churches who have a heart for caring for orphans and foster children, by equipping congregations, community support, and education. We believe the best way to care for these children is through the family. In short, if “God sets the lonely into families” (Psalm 68:6), then so will we.



Change always starts with knowing the facts - the truth. As an individual be informed about the needs of foster children as well as the progress of Fostering Joy. If you’re ready to see this movement take root in your community, recommend your church.

An Advocate, or volunteer leader, within a church is the key to Fostering Joy. All Advocates are trained through a one day training clinic. With help from Fostering Joy, Advocates coordinate volunteers and become a voice for foster children in their community and the State of Kansas.

You and your church cannot change the world entirely, but together you can entirely change the world for one child.


Start A Ministry

Fostering Joy will come alongside churches who feel a burden to begin a foster/adoptive ministry (i.e., Family Advocate Ministry), and help them with the information, resources, and on-going support to initiate and sustain foster and adoptive ministries and families within their churches. Fostering Joy will provide any and all of the following based upon each churches’ needs:

  • For churches without any existing foster families, help give resources, information and organize a foster awareness campaign

  • Provide a speaker, sermon materials, or help inform church leadership to speak on foster care at a church-wide level

  • Attendance at a Fostering Joy Clinic to receive equipping information, resources, and “next-steps” for churches

  • Help host informational night, connect foster training agencies, give Q&A on foster care in Kansas, and levels of support

  • For churches with existing foster families, receive the training, resources, and materials needed to create Care Teams to support them

  • Learn how to sustain foster families, and recruit volunteers for the various levels of engagement in the ministry of supporting foster families

  • Have access to the Advocate Portal which provides all of the materials, videos, and curriculum for the foster/adoptive ministry

  • Receive on-going mentoring and networking from Fostering Joy.


Church Network

Fostering Joy works with churches who have an existing foster/adoptive ministry to strengthen their ministry, train volunteers, recruit individuals for additional levels of support, and provide a framework for sustainability. Churches will:

  • Receive training for the ministry leader, the Advocate

  • Have access to the Advocate Portal which provides all of the materials, videos, and curriculum for the foster/adoptive ministry

  • Is identified as a church within the Kansas Fostering Joy network which shares resources, encourage one another, and fuel the movement of change for foster care in our state through faith-based communities.

  • Receive on-going mentoring and networking from Fostering Joy churches.

  • Receive the Care Community model and language to strengthen existing foster care/adoptive ministry in the church (i.e., a Family Advocate Ministry)

  • Be provided with on-going support as needed for hosting additional TIPS-MAPP training classes; resources with child placing agencies; contact with Department of Children and Families