The Church is the Answer to the Foster Care Crisis.

It’s the church caring for today’s orphans. It’s families showing children unconditional love and providing hope. It’s volunteers surrounding families with the support and care they need so they can keep doing this hard work. It’s uniting the Church in caring for the least of these. It’s changing a community one child at a time.

Care Community Model

We work closely with churches to create growing and sustainable foster care ministries based on a model called Care Communities. The church’s Care Community surrounds foster families and foster children in loving, stable environments.

The Care Community helps provide needed resources and acts as an extended family, providing respite services (overnight childcare), tutoring, babysitting, mentoring, transportation and other assistance, when needed. Everyone can do something.

Providing this kind of support encourages good, stable families to become foster families. Nationally, almost half of the foster families drop out every year because they are overwhelmed. The Care Community ensures that Fostering Joy families have the help they need when they need it. Following this model created by Live the Promise, states have seen a 96-percent foster family retention rate.

With this model, Fostering Joy and churches not only recruit and train foster families but also build a volunteer network surrounding and supporting each foster family. In addition, churches can band together as “affiliate churches” of Fostering Joy and take part in a movement in their community.


Care Community Model

An engineered team, much like extended family, of 4-8 committed volunteers who support and serve the foster or adoptive family and foster or adoptive children. This team provides regular and ongoing practical help such as meals, prayer, tutoring, child care, transportation, laundry, yard work, etc

Your Church can make a Difference.

Through us, your church can do more than support and retain foster families. Your church can actually CREATE MORE foster families.

What does Fostering Joy do for your church? We:

  • Provide ministry team leaders with a resource portal to organize, inform, and sustain their ministry.

  • Assist families with the application and licensing process through through partnering with state agencies.

  • Vet and train volunteers through our church partners to support foster families and foster children through the Care Community.

  • Train a Foster Advocate and ministry team leaders to implement our Care Community model, which includes how to manage ministry growth, promote foster care, host and train Encounter (our foster care orientation events designed to educate their congregations about foster care) and recruit foster parents and ministry volunteers.

  • Mentor ministry team leaders and help with families in training progress, ministry growth and volunteer progress; prayer requests and praise reports shared between your church and the Fostering Joy Network.

  • Provide Biblically-based foster parent and volunteer training at your church.

  • Coordinate ongoing respite care and resources through our Fostering Joy Network of churches.

As a result –

  • Foster families complete the licensing process more quickly.

  • Foster families have support through your faith community, and more people in the congregation have a way to become involved with foster care beyond simply being a foster family.

  • We help you grow your ministry and walk side by side with you to ensure success.

  • Churches in the Fostering Joy Network can have a greater impact on foster care than serving in isolation, and can meet the needs of their foster families more effectively.

Interested in partnering with Fostering Joy?